Adaptation to Reality

Adapting designed ideas to the environment’s reality is essential for an architectural space to conquer a balance between daring and good sense. The same way buildings must blend harmonically with the city’s surroundings and the landscape, resource optimization is also a vital tool to achieve greater space accessibility and a wide range of services.

Nasser Hissa Arquitetos Associados has been leaving its mark on residential and public and commercial building designs since 1972, totaling over 3,000,000m2 of designed and constructed areas in several Brazilian states. Throughout nearly four decades of work our office has been aiming at a differential approach to project design and execution, always adapting technique and language, with the certainty that each time and culture build up the spaces which are appropriate for them.

The Importance of Experience

Our office’s architecture, which spreads across Fortaleza and other cities in Brazil, is the translation of a successful and careful partnership with the clients’ wishes and needs. And experience makes a difference. A large number of executed projects necessarily means more successful projects.

Technological Updating

For Nasser Hissa Arquitetos Associados technology is an integral support whose purpose is to expand the prior analysis capabilities of preliminary studies. It is also a development tool for all project segments. Our office was one of the first to fully adopt computers into its project designs, from 1986 onwards.

Technique and art go together and are mutually indispensable and each element in the architectural project makes an essential contribution to the product that reaches its final destination: the client and the end user.


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