Fortaleza, CE

The architectural conception for 7 de Setembro College – FA7, located in the district of Água Fria, next to the University of Fortaleza (UNIFOR) and the Forum, emerges from the need to get together all university courses offered by the institution, as well parking lots for students and employees in a single building.

In this perspective, the adopted space organization is characterized by the location of the parking area (with two basements, a ground floor and another three floors) connected to the building’s main volume and the distribution of several sectors around a wide central atrium, 20-meter high, where is the coexistence plaza, with a reception, attention desk, restaurant and snack bar arranged along its perimeter.

The structural conception was determined from the classroom module, arbitrating, in this way, the distance of eight meters between pillars, and from the proposition of internal spaces easily adaptable for future changes, by making use of flat sliding pre-stressed slabs with no beams.

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